Ronney Lok

About Me

I grew up in Vancouver during the late 2000s where shopping at Zellers and biking around Stanley Park dominated the majority of my childhood. Then onto my teenage years where studying at bubble tea stores took up all my time. And now finally, as a young software developer, my days are spent coding new projects or looking for internships in both Vancouver and the Bay area. Apart from growing my exciting career, I do have hobbies which include hiking, and piano playing.


I enjoy going outdoors for both camping and hiking. The photo above is one I took during the summer while backpacking at Garibaldi Park. It was my first time backpacking, the trip took me two days to complete which consisted of hiking over 9 kilometers uphill to reach the campground. Hiking up to the Panorama Ridge summit took another 6 kilometers of strenuous uphill legwork. The experience was difficult but overall extremely rewarding. Something I will never forget is using the outhouses, it was impossible to get used to the smells.


I started piano lessons when I was 6. At one point in my life, I even thought I would develop a career out of this hobby.

Currently, my focus is on pop genre piano arrangements. A piece that I'm working on right now is the piano arrangement of the background piano soundtrack from the movie Parasite during the famous “Jjapaguri” scene.

Here is another piece that I worked on previously during my break.