Ronney Lok

Welcome to my profile

3rd year CS student from Simon Fraser University who is passionate about using software for social good. I have experience with Python, C/C++, ReactJS, ExpressJS and the Flutter SDK. Currently seeking software internship opportunities.
----- 2024 -----

PEDALS Project

February 2024 - Present
A cross collaborative project involving a team of designers, product/project managers, and engineers in creating a volunteer management system for Our Community Bikes, a non profit organization (NPO) focused on repairing bikes for those who experience barriers to affordable transportation. This project is done through Blueprint, a team of students from SFU who share a common interest in using technology to help NPOs around the world.

Sproutful AI

February 2024
Depicts mental growth by watering a sprout to a full tree. Uses OpenAI API to generate breathing prompts. Selected as a winner for JourneyHacks 2024.
----- 2023 -----

AWS Serverless Image Processor

April 2023September 2023
This was originally a term project I had worked on in my first year. Now that I have more experience, I decided to revive it by incorporating React and AWS.

Bill Wizard

May 2023June 2023
An iOS and Android app to helps users manage their receipts and split bills with their friends. Coded in Dart with the Flutter SDK, ExpressJS, and MongoDB.

*Also experimenting with a Flutter web version of the app.

Maze Game

January 2023April 2023
Maze escape game that follows the adventures of a Arcanist imprisoned for practicing forbidden magic. Coded in Java using Maven.
----- 2022 -----

Hospital Bot

April 2022July 2022
A texting chat bot that allows users to text their address to a bot. The bot then texts back the locations of the closest hospitals as well as their wait times. Coded in Python.